Three Factors that Contribute to Pesticide Drift

Essential considerations for fruit growers, nut farmers and vineyard owners Pesticide drift is a concern for every orchard, grove, nursery and vineyard owner. Not only does it create waste, but it can also pose a hazard to farm workers, adjacent…

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Three Growing Agricultural Trends to Watch in 2020

A focus on personal relationships, increased production and technological advances lead the trends in agriculture for 2020 and beyond. The top agricultural trends in 2020 are optimistic. They’re focused on relationships, growth and technological advancements. While climate issues, tariff concerns…

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What is an Intelligent Spray System?

Advances in intelligent technology (or smart technology) are all around us. Siri gives us directions as we drive, Alexa plays the music we ask for and Google is finishing our sentences for us as we type our emails. Now, those…

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Am I Overspraying My Orchard, Grove or Nursery?

Are you overspraying your tree farm? Spraying your orchard, grove or nursery is an integral part of your growing establishment’s plan to protect your yield and investment. For many years, the predominant school of thought has been: “Better safe than…

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