We’re advancing healthy yields + a healthier planet with precision

Our goal is to help specialty crop growers reach the highest levels of sustainability with our precision spraying and data system. The Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control System, when added to your air blast, GUSS or over-the-row sprayer, helps you optimize crop protection with fewer inputs while minimizing environmental impact. Protecting the health of the world’s farmlands helps ensure future generations can continue to farm. 

Use 50% Less Chemicals*

By applying chemicals to individual trees and vines based on foliage density, the Smart Apply System reduces chemical use by an average of 50%. Crop protection is optimized with less waste and less environmental impact. With consumers paying close attention to how their food is grown, this is a big confidence booster.

Use 50% Less Water

In many regions of the world, water is a scarce commodity. The Smart Apply System reduces water use by an average of 50% thanks to precision spraying. This preserves precious water resources so life on our planet can continue to flourish in wetlands, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Cut Run Off Up to 93%

The Smart Apply System applies the optimum amount of chemicals to each tree or vine, eliminating over spraying that can result in chemicals running off leaves and onto the ground. Significantly reducing run off protects the health of soil, roots, and groundwater.

Cut Air Borne Drift Up to 87%

By replacing continuous spraying with precision spraying, the Smart Apply System reduces drift by up to 87%. This safeguards adjacent fields, forests, and waterways from the harmful effects of airborne contamination. Less drift is also healthier for those working in orchards, hop yards and vineyards.

Data Capture + Digital Documentation 

The Smart Apply System automatically captures a wealth of data while spraying. This includes date and time of spraying, tract(s) sprayed, volume of chemicals and water applied, and more. The resulting digital documentation supports regulatory reporting and data-backed sustainability gains. It’s a feature welcomed by customers, consumers and environmental advocates.

* Average reduction