Precision Data

Data Collection + Analysis You Don’t Get Anywhere Else

Precision spraying is just part of the Smart Apply equation. Equally powerful is the precision data component that automatically captures a broad spectrum of data while you spray and uploads it to the Cloud for analysis, regulatory reporting, operations, and planning. Gone are the days of paper and guessing. Smart Apply’s precision data leads to a deeper understanding of your orchard or vineyard’s productivity, profitability, health, and sustainability. That’s transformational.

Powered by proprietary software

Smart Apply’s proprietary, multi-functional, GPS-enabled software not only allows you to set the system to automatically spray without manual intervention, it also captures a wealth of data while it sprays. Each time you spray, the system documents date and time of spraying, overall spray volumes, chemical savings, tree counts, canopy volume, health of individual trees or vines, and acres/hectares sprayed.

Stored in the Cloud 

It’s easy to misplace paper documentation and even easier not to document at all. The data collected by Smart Apply is uploaded and securely stored in the Cloud in real time. You have access to historical and real-time data when you need it. Now. Next week, next year or years from now. It’s always there. Ready when you need insights or need to share information with someone else.

NEW! Cloud reporting

We’ve expanded our Cloud reporting to include elevation, speed and rate of spraying, estimated savings on chemicals and water, and operator performance. This data supports regulatory reporting, orchard/vineyard health analysis, operational and strategic planning, and human resources. Our reporting capabilities can also be used to verify ESG and sustainability goals and milestones.

Optional integration with John Deere Operations Center

Smart Apply gives you the option of sharing your data with John Deere’s Precision Ag Operations Center. This unlocks another level of insights and expert support to advance the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of your orchard or vineyard.

Put Smart Apply’s precision data to work now

Smart Apply’s precision data feature comes standard with the Smart Apply System. It can also be purchased as a standalone data solution called Permanent Crop Analyzer that’s compatible with any utility all terrain vehicle. Put it to work in your orchard, vineyard or nursery now.