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We Are Smart Apply®

Our roots are in agriculture. Farmers. Specialty crops. Equipment sales. Technology. Innovators. Above all, we’re problem solvers who help growers navigate the challenges of feeding the world in a sustainable manner while also operating profitable businesses. In July 2023, Smart Apply was acquired by John Deere, a global leader in agriculture solutions.

Driven to innovate

We are curious by nature, constantly looking for a better way of doing things. One of the biggest problems we saw in agriculture today was how wasteful and unhealthy continuously spraying chemicals in orchards, vineyards and nurseries can be. We knew we had to fix it. This ignited our vision for helping growers effectively and successfully use technology to transform how they protect and nurture orchards, vineyards, nurseries, and the environment. In 2020, Smart Apply introduced the Intelligent Spray Control System™ to the world. Then, in 2023, we launched GEN2 with simpler electronics in a more robust package. Learn More

Grounded in research

The precision spray technology that is the foundation of Smart Apply is based on research and field testing conducted by USDA and multiple research universities for more than a decade. In 2018, we were selected as the only company entrusted by the USDA to commercialize its precision spraying technology. We have continued to enhance the original solution with web3 digital technology so that today, the Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control System is the most advanced precision spraying and data collection solution in the world. 

A smart and practical approach

Technology is only good if it works in the hands of those who use it on a daily basis. Which is exactly why the USDA and then our team field tested the heck out of the Smart Apply system. We made it so set up is easy and literally anyone can use it. And if you need technical support, we’re happy to help. We also built the system as a kit that can be retrofitted on nearly any air blast, over-the-row and GUSS autonomous sprayer. Why’d we do it that way? Growers are practical. You find equipment that does the job and don’t give up on it. We aim to earn our spot in your operation for years to come.

Advancing sustainability and global stewardship

The earth’s resources are finite. No one understands that better than growers. Therein lies a dilemma: just how do you feed the world in a world of increasing limits? This is what drives the Smart Apply mission of helping producers of high-value crops use technology and data to reduce the dependence on chemicals and water, decrease environmental impact and continue to achieve healthy harvests. While we don’t have all the answers, Smart Apply and the environmental stewardship we enable, is having a tremendous impact on sustaining growers’ livelihoods and the world 

Meet Our Leadership Team

We are committed to customer success and lead our business with integrity and complete accountability to our customers, dealers and supporters.