Precision Spraying

The Smart Apply® Intelligent Spray Control System

Want to cut your chemical and water use? No problem. Reduce airborne drift and run off? We sure do and it’s environmentally advantageous. Satisfy regulators, export agents, consumers and your accountant? We got that covered, too. We are Smart Apply and with our Intelligent Spray Control System™, an add-on kit for new and used air blast, over-the-row and GUSS autonomous sprayers, you’ll end your chemical dependence while maximizing high-value crop yields and meeting sustainability objectives.

Sprays only where it counts

Forget the constant cloud of spray that comes with traditional spraying. Smart Apply’s LiDAR (light detection and ranging) senses the presence of individual trees and vines and automatically adjusts spray volume based on size and foliage density to optimize protection and avoid over spraying. The system stops spraying between trees and row changes, adjusting without human intervention. All you have to do is drive. 

Less chemicals = less labor

By cutting your chemical in use in half, the Smart Apply system reduces the number of trips to the spray shed to mix chemicals and re-fill spray tanks. The system pays for itself in chemical savings alone. Add in the savings on labor and it’s a significant boost to ROI. The Smart Apply system is as easy and intuitive to operate as any smart phone app. Preset spray preferences in the Smart Apply app, and the precision spraying system runs on its own.

* Based on average 50% reduction in chemical use.

Stays in the field, not in the shop

The USDA spent more than a decade developing and field testing Smart Apply’s technology. We perfected it. Our GEN2 system is engineered to work. Period. Superior solenoid valves deliver precision control and reliability. Multiple nozzle levels start and stop instantly based on the canopy map. There’s also a single, well-protected lens that ensures precise coverage and less maintenance. Simplified electronic make installation and maintenance easy. If you want to override the system and go back to conventional spraying, tap the screen and you’re there. 

Sustainability is automatic

Over spraying wastes chemicals and is harmful to the environment. Smart Apply’s precision spraying virtually eliminates over spraying, achieving up to an 87% reduction in airborne drift and 93% less run off. This improves the health of the planet, people, critters, and crops—and is a huge win for customers and consumers. Another plus: the Smart Apply system automatically collects data as it sprays so you have digital documentation on your sustainability impacts.

Award-winning technology

Smart Apply’s Intelligent Spray Control System, with its precision spraying and precision data capabilities, was named a Top 10 New Product at the 2021 World Ag Expo, 2021 SIMA Paris Gold Award. 2020 World Ag Expo Top 10 New Product, and 2020 ASABE Outstanding Innovation Award.

Compatible with virtually any air blast, over-the-row and GUSS autonomous sprayer

Here’s some great news. You don’t need to buy a new sprayer to deploy the Smart Apply system. That’s because it’s sold as a kit that allows you to easily retrofit a new or used air blast, over-the-row or GUSS autonomous sprayer into a high-tech, precision spray delivery system. How great is that? We’re happy to answer your questions on sprayer compatibility.