Celebrating Flint Ag & Turf, Southwest Georgia’s Source for the Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control System

Three years ago, Flint Ag & Turf, the premier John Deere dealer in southwest Georgia, made the decision to add the Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control System to its portfolio of solutions for high-valley crop growers. And in Georgia, that means pecan growers.

Since then, Flint has led the charge, introducing Smart Apply’s precision spray and data solution to the state’s pecan growers. In February, Flint sold seven Smart Apply Systems to two local growers, bringing the total number of systems sold to over 30. More importantly, Flint has helped its customer achieve significant reductions in chemical use and costs as well as reductions in chemical run-off and drift, which helps protect the environment and the health of family orchards.

What has contributed to Flint’s success with Smart Apply? First, it’s their dedication to bringing the best solutions to their customers. Second, they have a talented Precision Ag team, including Alan Martin, that is extremely knowledgeable about Smart Apply and its use. They also have a dedicated service team responsible for adding Smart Apply Systems to customers’ new and used air blast sprayers while also providing dedicated service and support.

Flint Ag & Turf has been a John Deere distributor for over 50 years, and offers the kind of expertise, experience, and outstanding product support customers deserve. It serves pecan growers and other high-value and row crop growers from eight locations in southwest Georgia: Americus, Colquitt, Cordele, Cuthbert, Leesburg, Pelham, Sycamore, and Sylvester.

Smart Apply will be exhibiting alongside Flint Ag & Turf at the Georgia Pecan Growers Association Annual Convention and Trade Show Tuesday, March 17 – Thursday, March 19. Come see us in Perry, Georgia, or visit our website here.

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