Craving Binge-Worthy Videos? Tune into Smart Apply

If you’re looking for some mesmerizing content this summer, we have a suggestion: tune into the Smart Apply YouTube channel. While it may not be Yellowstone, The Mandalorian or Stranger Things, there is excitement, drama and yes, global impact.

The Smart Apply Channel is particularly exciting for those who grow high-value crops like wine grapes, tree fruits and nuts, hops and the like. This is for you growers out there.

While our videos may not be date night material, we do have a night-time spraying video that qualifies as suspenseful. How in the heck does the operator know where to go? It’s pitch dark!

If you’re more into bro comedies, we’re kinda partial to our “Let ‘Er Rip” video that’s fast moving and features a little bit of everything – hops, wine grapes, autonomous sprayers, air blast sprayers.

If you’re into futuristic, robot kinda stuff, our GUSS Autonomous Sprayer video is right up your alley.

If you’re more into documentaries and reality series, we suggest you check out our Pernod Ricard video that features a vintner, an equipment dealer, and a Smart Apply expert who don’t hold any punches on how the Smart Apply precision spray and data system works and what benefits they get out of it. Saving on chemicals and saving the planet – that kind of stuff.

Into foreign films with subtitles? Check this one out.

We also like the video featuring our original Georgia pecan grower customer. Tim tells it like it is. Come to think of it, he found Smart Apply on YouTube. Watch it here.

There are also multiple videos of the Smart Apply System being used to precision spray citrus, apples, pecans, grapes, hops, and more. See! Totally binge worthy.

So break out the popcorn and tune into the Smart Apply YouTube Channel here. If you’re a Smart Apply dealer or grower with a video featuring Smart Apply and would like to share it with us, email our Marketing Director. She’s a binger, too.

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