Is the True Power of the Smart Apply System Its Data?

Specialty crop growers who have added the Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control System to their air blast sprayers are loving it.

And what’s not to love? The average savings on chemicals is 50%, with a corresponding reduction in water use. The pressures on labor are also greatly reduced. Each spray event is programmed in the Smart Apply app so tractor operators focus on driving rather than manual calculations on tractor speed and application rates. Cutting chemical use also means half as many tank refills and more time for spraying. The efficiency gains are inarguable.

But what’s sometimes overlooked is the other half of the Smart Apply equation: data. Each time a grower sprays, the system automatically captures a wealth of data that is uploaded to the Cloud. Here are some highlights of the system’s data functionality:

  • Collects data on chemical application rates, tractor speeds, chemical volumes applied and savings, and operator performance, as well as tree counts and mapping.
  • Documents which rows were sprayed – and those that weren’t – so operators can immediately correct unintentional oversights.
  • The ability to document what chemicals were applied during a spray session.
  • Job management capabilities that enable the grower to program—and thus automate—the day’s spray schedule. This includes assigning multiple boundaries and operators; designating start and end dates; setting application rates; and adjusting calibration settings.
  • Intuitive operating screens for easy of use, including a choice of English or Spanish.
  • Increased Cloud storage to archive current and historical spray data.
  • The option to integrate with the Deere Precision Ag Operations Center for additional functionality.

The Smart Apply System’s digital documentation can be used to:

  • Support farm operations such as determining cost per acre for spraying and forecasting the next season’s input costs.
  • Provide consistent, documented data on chemical use to regulatory bodies while eliminating the need for paper notes.
  • Support sustainability initiatives and environmentally friendly farming practice with real data on chemical and water reduction, and provide insight on carbon reduction.

The Smart Apply System packs a powerful one-two punch: the immediate benefit of reduced chemical use without compromising crop protection and the digital documentation of spray data. The best news is that when you add a Smart Apply System to your air blast, GUSS or over-the-row sprayer, you don’t have to choose. You get both.

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