Smart Apply GEN2 System Ups Toughness with New  RuggON Tablet

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs has nothing on Smart Apply. We know how to get dirty and keep on getting the job done.

As sophisticated as our LiDAR-enabled Intelligent Spray Control System is, the bottom line is we’re knee deep in tough work every day in the world’s orchards, vineyards and nurseries. Within a week of being installed on an air blast sprayer, the Smart Apply System and the Android tablet that drives it can look like it’s been in the trenches for years. That’s a good thing.

While we don’t mind the dirt and grease that comes from riding in tractors every day, all day, the system has to deliver precision spraying and data regardless of the environment. So when we re-imagined GEN2 of the Smart Apply System, we selected a true field warrior, a robust Android 11 tablet from RuggON, to master extreme weather, grime, bumps, drops, and vibrations like a champ.

Why RuggON? The company and its mobile solutions have been utilized by a wide range of industries and harsh environments for decades. Users of these hand-held and vehicle-mounted, mobile data terminals include law enforcement, EMS, the military, oil and gas, and the agriculture industry. The Smart Apply team was attracted to RuggON’s tablets that help Smart Apply optimize field force automation through a wide range of wireless and data collection modules that enable real-time communication and data sharing between growers in the field and back-end operators, increase efficiency and eliminate downtime. When you’re spraying time-sensitive crops, there’s no time for down time!

The model we chose is the SOL PA 501 Android 11, a 10.1-inch tablet that is water and vibration resistant and delivers ultra-durable battery life. The tablet has multiple I/O ports for connecting with other peripherals that are part of the Smart Apply System. The tablet eliminates problematic connections for power and Ethernet when exposed to the elements on cab-less tractors as well as those with cabs. It also ensures important integrations with air blast sprayers and data sites such as the Deere Operations Center.

If your hands are sweaty and dirty no worries. Smart Apply’s new tablet is impervious to the grime and helps you get the job down scheduling spray sessions, capturing data critical to your orchard, vineyard of nursery operations throughout each spray session, and providing real-time reporting on chemical use and savings and other data points. Back at the shed or wherever Internet service is available, the tablet uploads the collected data to the Cloud for future use.

Smart Apply’s Generation 2 of the Intelligent Spray Control System is transforming the operations of specialty crop growers with its industry leading precision spray – precision data solution. Less chemicals = smarter, more profitable orchards, vineyards and nurseries, and a far healthier, sustainable environment. Learn more here. If you’d like to chat, reach us at