Smart Apply, ProgressiveAg Sign Agreement to Install Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control Systems in LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (May 14, 2024)  – – Smart Apply, Inc., today announced it has signed an agreement with Progressive Ag, Inc.,allowing the Modesto, California-based equipment manufacturer to factory install Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control Systems into its LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers for orchards, vineyards and hop yards. This is Smart Apply’s first formal agreement with an original equipment manufacturer of air blast sprayers.

The agreement enables high-value crop growers to purchase LectroBlast sprayers already equipped with Smart Apply systems from authorized Smart Apply dealers. 

Smart Apply CEO Jerry Johnson expressed enthusiasm for the new collaboration with Progressive Ag whose LectroBlast sprayers are used by orchards, vineyards, groves, and nurseries across California, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and Mexico. “This is an incredible opportunity for growers to get the best of both worlds, Smart Apply’s precision spray and data system coupled with LectroBlast sprayers’ electrostatic spray technology and ease of maintenance in one, field-ready package.”

L-R: Jerry Johnson, Smart Apply; Mark Ryckman, ProgressiveAg

ProgressiveAg co-owner and sales manager Mark Ryckman admits he was originally skeptical of the Smart Apply System’s ability to reduce chemical use without sacrificing coverage. However, when Pape Ag & Turf, a mutual dealer for both companies’ products, decided to install a Smart Apply System onto a 400-gallon LectroBlast sprayer for apples, Ryckman joined Pape for a head-to-head field trial.

“We did a black light coverage test in a fairly dense apple orchard in Yakima, Washington. Without the Smart Apply System, our sprayer used 100 gallons per acre over four acres at three miles per hour. With the Smart Apply System, we cut chemical use in half at the same speed, covering eight acres. The coverage on the trees was exactly the same; we couldn’t tell one bit of difference,” Ryckman say.

“It blew me away. ProgressiveAg prides itself on being the cutting edge of sprayer technology, so I wanted Smart Apply Systems on our sprayers. Many of our customers are look for more technology and less chemical usage,” he adds.

New LectroBlast sprayers with factory-installed Smart Apply Systems are available now through authorized Smart Apply dealers. Smart Apply is sold through more than 450 dealer locations in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Smart Apply and Progressive Ag will continue to independently maintain the warrantees, service, and support on their respective products. Authorized dealers will provide ongoing service on Smart Apply Systems, with technical support from Smart Apply.

Launched in 2019, Smart Apply’s Intelligent Spray Control System is the only LiDAR-enabled precision spraying system with the ability to automatically collect data and digitally document each spray event. The Smart Apply System is sold as a kit that can be added to virtually any new or used air blast, over-the-row and GUSS autonomous sprayer. It reduces chemical and water use by an average of 50 percent while decreasing run off by up to 97 percent and drift by up to 83 percent. 

About Smart Apply, Inc.
Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Smart Apply, Inc. is the creator of the laser-guided, density-based, precision sprayer technology to optimize protection of high-value crops. Sold as a kit compatible with virtually any air blast sprayer, the Smart Apply System supports growers’ efficiency, profitability and sustainability goals. The Smart Apply System is available at more than 450 authorized dealer locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Find a dealer here.  Learn more at our website and our YouTube channel.

About Progressive Ag, Inc. 
Based in Modesto, California, Progressive Ag manufactures and sells LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers. These sprayers are designed and built for tough, high-use conditions vineyards, orchards, groves, and nurseries face every day. Progressive Ag markets its sprayers in California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Mexico, with more states and countries to come. Learn more here. Find a dealer here.

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