Smart Apply Welcomes Hutcheon & Pearce as an Authorized Dealer, Adding 17 Locations in Australia

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (September 6, 2023)  – – Smart Apply®, maker of the Intelligent Spray Control System™ that helps growers of high-value specialty crops significantly reduce chemical use and costs, minimize environmental impact and capture critical data while spraying, today announced that Hutcheon & Pearce is now an authorized Smart Apply dealer in Australia.

Smart Apply’s dealer network now includes more than 425 locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Africa, and the United Kingdom, providing local sales and support of the Smart Apply System to growers of tree fruits and nuts, wine grapes, bush berries, hops, and nurseries. Smart Apply has added nearly 125 dealer locations in 2023 because of demand from high-value specialty crop growers seeking to reduce chemical and labor costs, capitalize on the system’s data collection and reporting features, and improve sustainability.

A generational family business and authorized John Deere dealership since 1953, Hutcheon & Pearce prides itself for providing customers with the lowest cost of ownership, integrated technology, and seriously good service and support to customers in row crops and high-value specialty crops, including tree fruit and nut orchards and vineyards. With 17 locations in New South Wales, Hutcheon & Pearce offers new and used equipment and precision ag solutions. The company employs more than 450 people and it well known for its family-oriented culture.

 Smart Apply CEO Jerry Johnson personally welcomed Hutcheon & Pearce to the company’s global network of dealers. “We’re very pleased that the Smart Apply System is now represented in New South Wales, Australia, by Hutcheon & Pearce, one of the country’s largest dealerships. This partnership will deliver a proven technology solution for better pest control through precision spraying while also providing growers with a digital record of their chemical use, something that is absolutely critical today for supporting operations and regulatory, sustainability and export requirements.”

Arron Hutcheon, CEO of Hutcheon & Pearce expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, “We are thrilled to offer Smart Apply technology to our valued customers. Smart Apply aligns with Hutcheon & Pearce’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to the success of growers in our region.”

The Smart Apply System is the only one of its kind in that it combines LiDAR-enable precision spraying and automated data collection and analysis during each spray session. Sold as a kit, the system can be retrofitted onto virtually any new or used air blast sprayer, GUSS Autonomous Sprayer and over-the-row sprayers, eliminating continuous spraying in favor of chemical application to individual trees or vines based on size and foliage density. This results in an average 50 percent reduction in chemical use, and up to 92 percent reduction in run off and up to 87 percent reduction in air borne drift.

About Smart Apply, Inc.
Smart Apply, Inc. is a Delaware C Corp based in Indianapolis, Indiana, that created the first laser-guided, density-based, precision sprayer and data capture and analytics technology for growers of high-value crops. The Company markets the Smart Apply® Intelligent Spray Control System™ through authorized dealerships around the world. The System is proven to reduce chemical and water use by more than half, with less chemical run-off, less air borne drift and less labor, supporting growers’ operations, high yields, more sustainable crop production, and a healthier planet. Visit our website for more information and our YouTube channel to see the Smart Apply System in action.