Gary Vandenbark, Chief Engineer

Gary has worked with Smart Apply, Inc. (formerly Smart Guided, LLC) as the company’s chief engineer since 2013. Among the top agriculture equipment engineers in the industry, Gary has played and continues to play an instrumental role in the creation and ongoing enhancements to the Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control System. He can often be found in orchards and vineyards working alongside dealer and growers on installations. An accomplished speaker, Gary has educated and entertained wide-ranging audiences from SIMA-Paris to spray sheds on California’s Central Valley. Prior to Smart Apply, he was the chief engineer behind row-crop sprayer Apache by Equipment Technologies. Gary earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an associates degree in Ag Mechanics from Ivy Tech. Additionally, Gary farmed row crops in Indiana for two decades, experience he translated to his current work with high-value crop growers.