Smart Apply Agrees: The World Ag Expo® Is the Best Farm Show on Dirt

Quick question for you: Where are you going to be in mid-February?

If you’re like us, you’ll be at the World Ag Expo® in Tulare, California, February 13-15. With more than 1,225 exhibitors spread over 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space, it’s the world’s largest outdoor agriculture show. Last year more than 108,000 people attended what truly is the “Best Farm Show on Dirt.”  If you want to see and be seen, you gotta be at the World Ag Expo.

According to Megan Lausten, marketing manager for the International Agri-Center®, this year’s show will be bigger and better than ever. “As of January 20th, our exhibitor space was 97% sold out. Ticket sales to international, national, and local guests are trending at record levels. We have something for everyone: the top ten new agtech and equipment products, nearly 100 free educational seminars, ride and drive demonstrations, reined cowhorse demonstrations, an agtech pitch competition with Fresno State students, ag tours of Central Valley, cooking demonstrations, and the Wine and Cheese Pavilion sponsored by Bank of America.”

Wait, there’s more.

“Each day the show opens at 9 a.m. with the winners of our National Anthem Contest singing the anthem. We started this last year, and it was so popular we brought it back,” Megan says.

By noon, World Ag Expo goers will be treated to some of the best food California has to offer, including tri-tip sandwiches, burritos, and baked potatoes loaded with tri tip; pulled pork; hot dogs and brats; Frito boast and tacos. All food stands are run by local non-profits, with proceeds benefitting the local community.

World Ag Expo Pro Tip: Do not miss the tri tip!

For the last three years, Smart Apply has exhibited our Intelligent Spray Control System for high-value specialty crops at the World Ag Expo. For us, an agtech startup company out of Indiana, it was a great way to introduce our precision spray technology to growers looking to reduce chemical use and protect the environment, recruit dealers and build brand awareness on an international stage.

This year’s World Ag Expo is going to be different. Smart Apply won’t have a booth. The reason? We’re now part of the John Deere Company so our precision spray system, which uses LiDAR technology to locate individual trees and vines and spray chemicals based on foliage density, will be featured in the Deere booth as one of their Precision Ag solutions for high-value crops.

Smart Apply CEO Jerry Johnson and our technical sales team will also be at the Deere booth. They’ll be available throughout the World Ag Expo to explain the Smart Apply System, how it can be added to virtually any air blast sprayer, including over-the-row and GUSS Autonomous sprayers, and to answer questions. Jerry will be giving presentations every day of the show. Check the Deere booth for times.

“We are really excited about exhibiting as part of John Deere,” Jerry says. “Our two companies had a development partnership for several years, and then in July 2023 after a tremendous amount of progress, Deere acquired Smart Apply. It was a huge vote of confidence in what we’re doing with precision spraying and data collection and reporting, and how we’ve added dealers and customers around the world. The acquisition reflects the commitment of Deere to bring the best technology to growers of high value crops to optimize crop protection, lower input costs and advance sustainability practices.”

World Ag Expo Pro Tip: Admission is $20 per day. Kids six and under are free! And there’s no charge for sitting on the tractors. Just make sure they’re green.

A hot topic of conversation will be the chemical savings—which average 50%—growers realize when using the Smart Apply System; the labor savings from automation; and reduced environmental impact. Also big is the fact that the Smart Apply System is proven technology; 10 years in development and field testing by the USDA and major universities, further advancements by Smart Apply, and now ongoing development by Deere.

Another big development, and a first for Smart Apply, says Jerry, is financing available through John Deere Financial. “Just in time for the World Ag Expo, and the 2024 growing season, John Deere announced special financing on Smart Apply through Deere dealers. This is a limited offer through April 30, 2024, and we hope a lot of growers take advantage of it. The immediate savings on chemicals will make the investment well worth it.”

According to Jerry, there are now more than 300 Smart Apply Systems in use in tree fruit and nut orchards, hop fields, vineyards, and nurseries around the world. “One of the things we’ve noticed is that once one grower in an area gets a system and neighbors see the results, they want one, too. They also appreciate that our system can be added to their current air blast sprayer, or they can go to an authorized Smart Apply dealer and have a system put on a new sprayer, regardless of brand.”

World Ag Expo Pro Tip: Make sure you watch the Smart Apply videos when you’re in the John Deere booth. When making these videos, we let ‘er rip!

If you plan to attend the World Ag Expo February 13-15 in Tulare, California, please visit the John Deere booth. This is great opportunity to see the Smart Apply Intelligent Spray System installed on various air blast sprayers, meet Jerry Johnson and the team, and ask questions. There’s nothing like meeting the folks who work with the system every day, in orchards, vineyards, hop yards and nurseries, to really understand how it can help you.

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