Smart Apply’s Biggest Fan in Georgia Ready to Kick-off Season 4

Four years ago, Georgia pecan grower Tim Sikes was cruising the internet looking for better ways to spray his trees. While poking around on YouTube, he found a video on the Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control System. What caught his attention was the system’s LiDAR-powered ability to apply chemicals to individual trees based on size and foliage density, which reduces chemical use and costs by an average of 50%. When you’re spraying trees that are 40 or more feet in height, the potential savings on chemicals is significant.

Tim reached out to Smart Apply and purchased a system in early 2021 from Flint Ag & Turf, Smart Apply’s authorized dealer in Georgia. The system, which is sold as a kit, was installed on Tim’s existing Savage air blast sprayer. It didn’t take long for Tim to become Smart Apply’s biggest fan in the Georgia pecan grower community. He even filmed this video with us.

As Tim started spraying and saving on chemicals with Smart Apply, other Georgia pecan growers took notice. A growing number have added Smart Apply Systems to their sprayers. With the annual Georgia Pecan Growers Association Convention and Trade Show coming up March 19-21 in Perry, Georgia, Tim plans attend and will be available to talk Smart Apply.

“This will be my fourth season using the system,” Tim says. “I upgraded to a Gen2 late last year so I am ready to see the improvements for myself.”

Smart Apply will be exhibiting at the Georgia Pecan Growers Association Convention and Trade Show with Flint Ag & Turf. Please stop by and see us. If unable to attend, learn more about our precision spray and data system here.

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