Smart Apply Drops Video of Mini GUSS Autonomous Sprayer Integration

What do you get when you combine the Smart Apply System’s precision spraying, data collection and analytics with a Mini GUSS Autonomous Sprayer?

We call it a total solution for specialty crop growers seeking serious reductions in chemical use and costs, water use, labor use, and environmental impact.

Watch the video here.

The video demonstrates the Smart Apply System’s LiDAR-powered spray action that delivers chemicals to individual trees. Average chemical savings are 50% with up to 92% reduction in run off and up to 87% reduction in air borne drift. That is positive news for sustainability.

We also like the way the Mini GUSS, once programmed, moves effortlessly through the orchard, getting the job down without a driver. And, its tank can be refilled in the field, eliminating the interruption of going back to the shed for refills. The Mini GUSS is specifically designed for the tighter quarters of orchards, vineyards and berry farms. Learn more here.

What you don’t see is the Smart Apply System capturing data as it sprays. The data is saved to the Cloud for use by the grower to improve operations as well as for regulatory and sustainability reporting. Having a digital record in a standardized format is a major benfit for growers. Learn more about Smart Apply’s data solution here.

Integration with the Mini GUSS is another win for Smart Apply that gives specialty crop growers another way to take advantage of our precision spray and data solution. Our system also integrates with nearly every air blast sprayer (new and used) and over-the-row sprayers. So a lot of options for growers who want to reduce input costs.

Special thanks to RDO Equipment Co. for facilitating the production of the Smart Apply-Mini GUSS video.

We’d love to hear from you on the Smart Apply-Mini GUSS integration. Email us at

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